Exam stress

Heather came highly recommended from a friend and she helped my daughter significantly with her anxiety and stress towards coping with her GCSE’s ( which she went on to pass with amazing results). With a calming friendly approach, Heather has enabled her to open up about her worries and helped her work through these and turned them into a positive. Heather gave her techniques and methods on how to cope when she feels anxiety coming on.

I am so thankful to Heather who is so professional, caring calming and would 100% recommend her.

Anxiety and Stress

Having sought Heather’s guidance for anxiety and stress she has been a revelation. Through following simple steps, I understood what I needed to do to control stress and anxiety and not let situations take control. After the sessions I always felt rejuvenated and refreshed and in a better place to cope with life’s challenges, it also improved my self-esteem.